The GREENS – Who we are

The Political Party of the Greens was registered in May 2008 by open minded people, activists of citizens’ movements and environmental protests to secure our own green political representation which we lacked until then.

We were the first to raise the topic of the citizens’ direct participation in the government of the state. As early as the 2009 we built a comprehensive platform for a complete reformation of the country, which we named “Let’s return the state to its citizens!” That includes a reformation of the judicial system and the mass media (breaking those off the control exercised by the politics and the mafia) introduction of direct participation of the citizens in the state government, direct control by the citizens over the resolutions, electronic government and elections.

We, the GREENS, are full members of the European Green Party –the fourth biggest political power in the EU.

  • People with big green hearts, who choose to live in Bulgaria
  • Citizens who actively change the present in order to live in real democracy
  • Organizers and participants in the protests about lawfulness and in protection of Bulgarian nature
  • Winners in the campaigns against the amendments of the Forests Act (2012), against GMO, against the shale gas extraction, against the use of cyanides in gold mining, against the ACTA, in protection of the Strandzha, Rila, Pirin, Vitosha and Irakli, as well as many other battles.

The GREENS are the only political party in Bulgaria which:

  • Provides direct representation of the civil society in the European Parliament;
  • Defends the real use of the direct democracy methods – local, national and European referendums and citizens initiatives, as a guarantee that future Bulgaria and Europe will belong to the citizens, and not to the political and financial elite;
  • Stands up to every EU citizen’s right of: democratic participation in the decisions of the institutions, guaranteed access to social protection and preserved environment.
  • It has made the protection of Bulgarian nature its primary cause which is to be defended in front of all European institutions: the parliament, the commission and the ombudsman, by using all means permitted by the law, which any European MP is allowed to use.
  • We work with the real policies and practices for sustainable development:
  • The Zero Residues strategy;
  • Stimulus and measures for environmental friendly public transport;
  • Development of bio-farming;
  • Preservation of the natural resources and the forests;
  • Development of sustainable tourism;
  • Strict application of the “polluter pays” principle;
  • Promotion of the development of technologies and innovations aimed at preservation of resources and environment protection;
  • Stimulation the small and medium-sized enterprises through legislation, especially those of them that open “green” employment positions.

Who are EGP

The European Green party (EGP) is the fourth largest political power in the EU Parliament. It consists of 46 Green Parties of the EU member states and non-member states. The Greens Group/EFA is made up of representatives of Green parties, citizens movements activists and independent MPs.

We stand for an open, democratic society, where fundamental human rights are applied and respected. We strive for sustainable development, where renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and Green jobs form the core of economic growth. – Monica Frassoni, Co-Chair of the EGP.

“We are all concerned about the air we breathe, the water we use and the food we eat. Pollution from industry, traffic and the risks of industrial food production creates costs, which we as taxpayers have to bear. We pay for them not only in the form of social payments, but sometimes also with our health.”

We want a Europe where people have the say, where democracy plays a central role in decisions -making and where politicians report to people at each level.


Respect my privacy:

GMO free Europe:

Good food:

Yes, we stop! Please, sign the appeal to stop the negotiations (TAFTA) – We, the GREENS, oppose the trade agreements at the EU level and the bilateral agreements in which the corporate interests prevail over the public interests and the powers of the European institutions.

The Green alternatives to the Trans-European Transport Networks


Beekeeping and the Health of the Bee Families – we achieved a ban on the use of one of the most toxic pesticides (the neonicotinoids). We have a lot more to do to discontinue the drastic 30% decrease of the number of beehives.

Ban on the GM Crops Cultivation in the Member-States – We are consistent in opposing the genetically modified organisms (GMO).

ACTA – The Greens with some support and pressure by the civil society managed to make the European Parliament reject the Agreement popular as ACTA.

We promoted the reduction of the administrative requirements to the European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECI).

Energy Efficiency Directive – The Greens managed to raise majority votes in the European Parliament in support for the Energy Efficiency Targets 2020.

Initiatives for Shale Gas Extraction Ban in Europe

Youth Employment Guarantees – secure for the young people access to the jobs market, increase of the traineeship programmes, reinstate the crafts and the apprenticeship.

Bulgaria has been a part of the European Union for 7 years now, but we are still trying to prove that we are a worthy and respected member of this union. At this stage the Bulgarian institutions have failed to convince us that we have been effectively using the EU legislation and public resources for the improvement of the quality of life of Bulgarian citizens and the work and business environment in Bulgaria, as well as in defence of our right to a preserved nature and to a healthy environment.

In order to make Bulgaria the green garden of Europe our priorities are:

  • Achieve sustainable development of Europe through transition to Green Economy; the Green job positions – reality, alternative and future;
  • Establish the low-carbon manufacturing and transport aimed at adapting to the climate changes, which is guaranteed by European and national legislative initiatives;
  • The Citizens are the Europe’s Sovereigns – ensure equality of all the EU citizens’ rights;
  • Environmental restoration and discontinuation of the loss of biodiversity, as well as guarantees for healthy environment and way of life;
  • Accessible, efficient and transparent use of EU funds, taking into account the local communities’ interests and guaranteeing environmental protection.

Our European Level Causes are:

  • Shale Gas-free Europe and Bulgaria! We aim to achieve energy independence of Europe and the individual households and communities in Europe through creating conditions for common access to the contemporary RES technologies on local levels;
  • Europe and Bulgaria – GMO-free zone! We do not allow for any possibility of us and our children being experimental samples of the corporations developing GMOs;
  • Empower the young people – We should give the young people the opportunity to surmount the consequences of the economic crisis. We strive for policies of, by and for the young people, that would allow them build their future and would guarantee their active participation in society.

We, the GREENS, have a clear vision of the world where our children are going to live: in a very near future the rich countries will be those which have clean water, land and preserved nature.

Our European MPs will work for the future of the Green treasury of Bulgaria and Europe.

So that there are people to remain in Bulgaria!

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