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Eastern time we do a live show with a guest discussing methods, history and anything metal detecting. Whether you go treasure hunting at the beach, or scour the home for lost valuables, the AT Pro is favored by some to be the best metal detectors for beginners. So all in all, the AT Pro metal detector is easy to set up, use and is always reliable for its ability to pick up many items that other modern metal detectors do occasionally miss. The control box on the Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector All Terrain Land and Water Metal Detector is very well laid out and offers minimal to no confusion in getting used to.

Compared – Sensible Best Metal Detectors Advice

I would class it as a mid-range machine but one that has been designed and executed in such a way that a beginner with a slightly larger budget can enjoy. Pinpoint mode allowing the user to pinpoint the target in the hole giving a more accurate location.

Over time you can upgrade if your budget increases or if you want to do more specialized detecting like salt water beach hunting. Enjoy!  And I’m sure the following answers will help you to decide whether picking up the adventurous fun of metal detecting is for you or not, and will help guide you to your first metal detector decision. One time when I was little I watched a guy with a metal detector on the beach reach down only a few inches into the sand and pull out a whole metal colander. The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector has a good pinpoint Mode with a modern depth indicator that makes it one of the best metal detectors that you can ever get during your purchase from a given market. Gift giving time for someone who is passionate about metal detecting is easy!

Figuring out where you plan on doing most of your metal detecting can you help narrow in on the right detector for you and ensures that you are spending your hard earned money correctly on the right piece of equipment. If so make sure you go with a waterproof metal detector. The sweet spot of this metal detector is in the 4-8″ deep range which allows you to find a lot of amazing items. This metal detector features a full submersible 8-inch Bounty D-Tech coil and can also be interchanged to match the different soil conditions.

With its automatic ground tracking, you can calibrate searching according to the soil’s mineral content. It is a good way to learn history because in your search for coins, there is a chance to find old ones that you would want to study. Coin hunting is a fun outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

It is sensitive to small gold, but not quite as much as the GMT or Gold Bug 2 according to most who have tried them all. This VLF detector has been on the market for many years, and an experienced operator can find some surprisingly small nuggets with them. It would be easy to make this assumption based simply on their price alone, as a new one can cost you well over $5000. A hot rock is a rock that is highly mineralized, and will give the same response as a metal object.

There are plenty of kids models that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and if you’re looking for the best metal detector for the money then you might want to keep reading our review a little further below. If your child is very young or small for their age, you might even want to consider a kids metal detector. A garrett metal detector accessories may be a good choice for beginners also. Finding the best metal detector accessories for the price is a must because you want your first experience to be a good one.

The Garrett ACE 300i features a digital target ID number on the LCD screen of 0 – 99. I believe if you make the purchase you will be more than satisfied with the Garrett ACE 400i as your first machine. Although simple the Garrett ACE 400i is a very capable machine, it offers advanced features implemented in a way a beginner can use them without being overwhelmed. A reliable, robust and very straightforward machine that’s not going to take you an age to learn.

The Gold Bug Pro has a very beautiful design of which they are proud at Fisher. This model is not inferior to the weblink currently on the market.

You can avoid detecting unwanted metals with its trash elimination feature. This includes both ferrous non-ferrous metals like gold, silver, brass, iron, aluminum, and steel.

This is the top of the line detector the market has to offer. It is also compatible with google maps so you can upload all of your target locations right to the PC and plan out your trips. You can discriminate to find things like gold, bronze, and silver and avoid things like iron and trash. You can run this detector for over 40 hours on 4 AA batteries. The Fisher F75 also comes with a non-volatile memory to save settings and a strong backlight for hunting at night.

This is a great and innovative solution from Quest as this is a handheld device which you will be able to take down with you while you are scuba diving to hopefully find the treasures you’re looking for. It’s easy to use in any conditions and does extremely well in picking out what you want to find. Before you can do that though you need to buy one and that involves checking the depth, accuracy and detection type among many other factors.

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