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The most well-liked news story over the past several weeks has been the rescue of the Chilean miners. In the course of the evening on September 26, men armed with guns, knives and even a sword, descended on Kennedy Highway, a shack settlement housing about 7000 folks. These men chanted slogans of ethnic cleansing, pitting Zulu in opposition to Pondo. With these words, they summoned an ethnic politics that was unthinkable even in apartheid’s darkest days. Even the Eighties battles between the Inkatha Freedom Get together and the ANC had been political somewhat than ethnic clashes. But underneath Jacob Zuma’s South Africa, the Zulu nationalism that was once anathema to the ANC has now turn into its commonplace operating procedure.

It has also turn into clear that the target of the attacks is the autonomous and grassroots democratic shack dweller organization – Abahlali baseMjondolo — which has grown over the past four years into the biggest poor folks’s movement in South Africa. Abahlali has turn into a major thorn in the facet of the ANC provincial government in KwaZulu-Natal.

Bishop Rubin Phillip, the chairperson of the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council and Anglican Bishop of Natal, who had visited Kennedy Highway, was „torn with anguish“ by the attack and spoke of the true social hope that Abahlali was creating. All over the world and in South Africa statements of solidarity and outrage continue to pour in and while these pressures could give the ANC pause in its actions in opposition to Abahlali, it’s also clear that the ANC just isn’t in command of the violence that it has unleashed. This pattern may be discerned in the killing of the Miners in Marikana in September 2012.

But it is the subdued discontent and bitter mumblings that undergird the folks’s existence and reality which might be slowly changing into realized and uttered by the poor which might be really the end result of this new-fashion repression visited upon them: that is why the article above by Nigel and Raj, offers a much more clearer picture of what is really taking place in South Africa.

On Sunday Willies Mchunu, Nigel Gumde and others held a giant meeting in the Kennedy Highway Hall. Our attackers had been all sitting there. Folks from the ANC in Sydenham Heights and the Foreman Highway settlement had been sitting there pretending to be from Kennedy Highway. Every kind of lies had been Kennedy 8 are at present being held in the Sydenham Police station and will appear in court docket again on Thursday.

We elected S’bu to characterize us. He did not wish to be our leader. He never calls himself a frontrunner — folks call him a frontrunner. He would not reside in a elaborate house and drive a elaborate automobile to talk in regards to the poor on phases and in motels. He lives in a shack and works in the neighborhood with the neighborhood to provide us courage to speak for ourselves. Last 12 months he wished to step down from the presidency of the movement. We mobilized for two weeks to steer him to remain as the president.

They don’t understand that there could be a politics exterior of get together politics. In eShowe, the Inkatha Freedom Get together (IFP) just lately attacked us for being ANC. After we first started our movement in Durban in 2005 the ANC attacked us for being IFP. Now the ANC is claiming that we are COPE Congress of the Folks, a latest break up from the ANC led by those loyal to former South African president Thabo Mbeki. The ANC has seen the massive assist that we’ve and so they concern that S’bu will stand in the local government elections.

At a time after we are being attacked our attackers, and those that assist them, must be subject to intense public scrutiny. Nonetheless the politicians are doing every little thing in their power to make us, the victims of this attack, subject to very important public scrutiny. Essentially the most unbelievable lies are being advised about us and our movement. At the identical time our attackers are being installed in power in Kennedy Highway and introduced to the media as „the neighborhood“.

This is all detailed in our minutes of those meetings, and it can be attested to by many witnesses. It was also lined in the local press — as an example there was an article in the Weekly Gazette of Overport with a picture of the committee and Supt. Nayager. There may be nothing unusual about an elected neighborhood organization organising an anti-crime committee with the police. The government has asked all communities to do this. In reality on the same day that we had been attacked Willies Mchunu known as for a „folks’s warfare in opposition to crime“. The day after we had been attacked he known as the Safety and Security Committee an illegitimate and legal structure. This was a lie.

The MOU is a significant breakthrough for pro-poor growth in Kennedy Highway, in Durban and in South Africa. It is a major breakthrough for Kennedy Highway as a result of in the late Eighties and early Nineties the Urban Foundation had agreed to upgrade the settlement where it was and even started the work — this is when the hall was built. But in 1995 the then Durban City Council cancelled the upgrade and the plan for Kennedy Highway was changed to compelled elimination to a human dumping ground. We received the proper to town for the residents of Kennedy Highway.

The Act has been broadly criticized as anti-poor, even by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Housing and our actions in opposition to it has been broadly supported. We’ve the same right as everyone else to kind opinions about government policy and legislation and to take our views before the courts for their consideration. Taking the government to court docket is a fundamental democratic right. It’s not against the law — but killing folks, chasing folks from their properties and their neighborhood, destroying their properties and looting their goods and using dying threats to ban a democratic political organization from an area are all crimes.

That meeting was like an ANC rally and it will have been used as a kangaroo court docket if we had gone there. There were folks there from Sydenham Heights and Foreman Highway who had been speaking as if they had been from Kennedy! At this meeting the ANC announced all the victories that we’ve struggled for, and worked for over so many years, as if they had been theirs! The ANC has a protracted history of hijacking folks’s struggles and claiming them as their own.

The first few months of the Zuma Presidency has not interrupted the warfare on the poor. What occurred last week in Kennedy Highway, Durban, is somewhat signaling that the violence deployed in opposition to organizations of the poor is being escalated. A meeting of the Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM) affiliate, Kennedy Highway Growth Committee (KRDC), on Sunday, September 27, was attacked by a militia, killing comrades Mthokozisi Ndlovu and Ndumiso Mnguni.

Now, over per week after the initial attack, the militia still holds Kennedy Highway in the grip of terror. Over a thousand residents remain displaced and AbM’s leadership remains to be in hiding. The police have made no progress on the costs laid in opposition to the attackers. The eight KRDC members arrested for murder could have their bail hearing this Thursday, October 8. AbM stories that their members will spend this week mobilizing assist for the liberation of their falsely accused comrades. Returning kids to highschool, rebuilding destroyed properties and helping all those compelled to flee may even be priorities.

In Cape Town the move to rehouse the poor has been met with fury by members of a newly established group known as Stop Concentration Camps for Homeless Folks, whose supporters evaluate women of chile the move to the apartheid era, when black folks had been cleared from whites only” districts.

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